The most complete source of high-level indexed NFT data

Enjoy a blazing fast gateway to well-structured data about NFTs and collections and leverage reliable ML-driven insights to detect financial manipulations and potential IP violations.


Supported blockchains

Get a wealth of granular and performant data at your fingertips

Extract real-time NFT data

Assets (ERC-721 and ERC-1155)
Collections and contracts
Ownership, sales, and transfer history
Mintings (including lazy minting)
Rarity score
24h, 7d, 30d average metrics/stats
Higher-level price aggregations
Metadata change event
Extract real-time NFT data

Get dynamic, ML-processed data

Scoring models
Technical or hybrid risk models
Compliance models
Wallet scoring
Smart contract vulnerabilities
Get dynamic, ML-processed data

Carry out financial and risk analysis

Complex financial risks
Trading malpractices (wash trades and price pumps)
Price and sales data with exchange rates
Wallet types (whale, hodler, flipper, or amateur)
Market cap & trading volume
Collection analysis & Nansen NFT indexes
Carry out financial and risk analysis

Detect IP violations

Possible IP rights infringement detection (text, images)
Notifications to teams about fraudulent smart contract creation
Coming soon
Detect IP violations

Helping a multitude of businesses and projects power their Web3 experience

P2P lending

Boost your platform with detailed NFT data and minimize your lending risk. Estimate the true value of NFTs and spot promising trends in NFT collections with our APIs.

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NFT marketplaces

Make your NFT marketplace more powerful and enable your users to establish a vivid picture of the NFT collections landscape by pulling and aggregating their full historical insights


Incorporate our APIs in your crypto wallet app to help users handle their assets effectively and conveniently and have the key NFT details displayed right in their wallet interface.

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If you need an out-of-the-box model to retrieve and aggregate NFT data — look no further. Unleash the capabilities of our APIs and provide your users with novel ways to understand the Web3 space.

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Only up-to-date, relevant data
Easily scalable
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Security provided by Web3 Antivirus


Suspicious transactions volume resulting from wash trading


The average number of fake collections spotted per day


Supported on-chain protocols (Seaport, x2y2, Sudoswap, etc.)


DMCA report generation (in the case of IP violation detection)

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